Regnames DNS Parking and Email Forwarding Policy

Purpose. This Policy (the "Policy") for Domain Parking and Email forwarding, is incorporated into your Registration Agreement, and sets forth the terms and conditions in connection with DNS parking and email forwarding that we provide.

Agreement. These services are limited to all legal legitimate business and personal uses. Adult sites are prohibited from using our parking and email forwarding. Bulk emailings or spam are prohibited. Any illegal activityof any kind is prohibited. All prohibited activities result in immediate and permanent cancellation of Domain parking and email forwarding priveledges. Any legal or financial consequences resulting from prohibited use of these services are assigned strictly to the user. Regnames and its parent,, bear no legal or financial responsibility for any prohibited or illegal activity of its users.

Users of this service agree to absolve the provider, Regnames, and its parent of any responsibility for any losses or inconveniences resulting from the use of our DNS parking and email forwarding services, including losses or inconveniences resulting from errors or outages of these services.

For email forwarding, we will provide upon request forwarding of all email from the registered domain to one internet email address. For special needs we may provide more complex email forwarding at our discretion.

For parking, upon request we will create a "Under Construction" page for the registered domain.